Toy Story 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Full Set Build an RV! 2019

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Toy Story 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, Full Set and Build an RV toy! Squirrel Stampede toy reviews all 10 New Toy Story 4 Happy Meal toys. Each feature a creative carnival game or ride with a popular Toy Story character! Collect all ten, and each toy piece connects together to build a toy RV vehicle that rolls! Place characters on top for a wild ride!

Toy Bags include: 1 Buzz Lightyears' High Striker. 2 Whack-an-alien. 3 Bo Peeps Bottle Blast. 4 Forkys Toss. 5 Woodys Balloon Boom. 6 Duke Cabooms Wheeeeeee! Jum. 7 Jessie's Jump House. 8 Ducky and Bunny's Squirrel Derby. 9 Rex and Trixie's Hammer Time. 10 Gabby Gabby's Twirling Teacup toy!

Found USA McDonalds June 2019!

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