The Toy Hotel Bunch O Balloons Challenge!

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Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video! β€˜Tis the season to Splash to Win! Bunch O Balloons are giving away over $1 million in awesome summer prizes including a getaway for 4 people and a brand new car! Only Bunch O Balloons lets you FILL AND TIE 100 water balloons in 60 seconds! For more information go to http://www.bunchoballoonsgame.com or find Bunch O Balloons on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BunchOBalloons.

Addy and Maya are taking part in the Toy Hotel's 2nd Annual Field Day Competition and this year features Bunch O Balloons. The silly kids have 12 minutes to complete 4 different challenges in order to win. Will the girls complete their mission with enough time to spare? You'll have to watch to find out!

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