The Toy Cafe is Full of 5 Surprise Mini Brands

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The NEW 5 Surprise Mini Brands are now available in Walmart USA! With over 70+ mini groceries to collect, the unboxing fun never stops! Will you find the super rares? Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video.

Lulu receives a shipment of brand new 5-Surprise Mini Brands at her pretend Toy Cafe and she is so excited! Addy and Maya have a shopping list that their mom Lucy gave them to take to the grocery store but they decide to make a stop at Lulu's restaurant first. Luckily, the girls find out that Chef Pierre has a magic microwave that turns their 5 Surprise toys into real life products for Lucy's shopping list! Will they find all of the items on the list? You'll have to watch to find out!

All of your favorite consumer items from the grocery store are hidden in these surprise capsules. Each one comes with a collector’s guide so you can track as you collect. Can you find the rare and super rare glow in the dark, golden, and metallic minis? There are over 70 minis to collect! The capsule closes back up to you can put your minis back inside, too! So cool!

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