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Laura has a wonderful secret. Her best friend is a star in the sky that always watches over her. After a fall to the earth where he was injured, Laura nursed him back to health. As a thank you, the star helps her with his shining to get good ideas when she doesn't know what to do.

In the evening when Laura cannot sleep, she often gazes up at the star-studded sky. One night, she sees a little star falling from the sky. It lands on the pavement right in front of her house. That's the beginning of a wonderful and magical friendship. The star is the enchanting element in the story and provides it with a dimension which goes beyond everyday life. It embodies wishes, hopes and dreams. Laura, secure in the knowledge of her star, never feels alone. She learns to see things in new ways, finds unconventional solutions and makes amazing journeys in her dreams. Laura is convinced that everyone has its own special star shining in the sky.


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