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Have you ever sent a text message only to have it not be delivered? Perhaps you thought it was just a bad cellular connection. But did you know that there is a setting that determines how your message is sent?

There is a feature called iMessaging. It is Apple's product in sending messages via the Internet. It uses the Wi-Fi connection that you would find at your home or at a place of business. The blue text bubble means iMessaging and the green bubble means SMS text message which is through your cellular provider.

Why is this important? Some people have a text plan with limited messaging. This is when you would want to turn off the SMS text feature. To turn this off, you would go to Settings, then Messaging, then click off the SMS text messaging feature.

You can also choose to click on the little circle next to the not delivered icon by your message. This would give you the option to send it as a SMS green text message and bypass the wifi feature for this time and this time on. This is for the person who has to control their expenses.

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