Iconic tv shows we all watched as kids

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so this was my list of shows I personally enjoyed as a kid. This of course is missing many shows which I forgot at the time..
also i forgot to title the last song as 'the pink panther.'
my list;
1. Kim possible
2. Jimmy neutron
3. Powerpuff girls
4. The grim adventures of billy and mandy
5. Dexters lab
6. Ed, Edd and Eddie
7. Fairly oddparents
8. Courage the cowardly dog
9. Little Einsteins
10. Spongebob squarepants
11. Recess
12. Danny Phantom
13. Fish hooks
14. Pink panther
15. xiaolin showdown
16. rolie polie olie
17. fifi and the flowertots
18. rory the racing car
19. Thomas the tank engine
20. Madeline
21. Oggy and the cockroaches

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