British Childhood TV Shows of the 2000s | Part 2

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A compilation of some of the most iconic British childhood TV shows of the 2000s, that should bring back fond memories for 90’s kids in particular. I’ve included a segment from the theme song and a short clip of each of the 15 shows. This video is the second segment of this series, and the order of shows included is at random.

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List of shows included:
- My Parents are Aliens
- The Basil Brush Show
- The Shiny Show
- Prank Patrol
- Uncle Max
- Clifford the Big Red Dog (I couldn't find any clips online from the UK dubbed version)
- The Sorcerer's Apprentice
- Dennis the Menace (the clip included is mistakenly from the 90s version of the show 'Dennis & Gnasher', for which the dates are 1996-98)
- Jungle Run
- Prove It
- Newsround
- SMart / SMarteenies
- Step Inside
- Little Robots
- Fimbles

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