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Best E3 2019 Games

Devolver Digital and Kinda Funny hosted some fantastic indie games, but there were also some great upcoming indie games on the entertainment expo floor.
Among the many awesome video game announcments that made the E3 2019 news, including the Xbox E3 2019 Kenau Reeves reveal. There are some fantastic indie games 2019.

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From the Kinda Funny Games Showcase
Wave Break is an indie game developed by funktronic labs. Inspired by classic arcade skateboarding games, with a splash of boating, explosions, and pure brutality. Wave Break looks like what you would get if you took the classics Tony Hawks games and mixed them up with Hotline Miami. If that doesn’t get you interested for a video game then I don’t know what will!
The Kinda Funny E3 showcase also has the wonderful Brave Earth: Prologue. As far as new indie games go this is a Ninjavania! It’s an indie game made in the 8-bit style of the NES. Brave Earth: Prologue could be the challenge to Bloodstained that not a lot of people know about.
One of the best indie games from the selection of e3 2019 indie games is Eldest Souls. Eldest Souls get centre stage in the e3 2019 trailers, however it was definitely one of the E3 2019 highlights! Eldest Souls is a souls-like, pixel-art RPG, where the Old Gods have long been imprisoned. Eldest Souls is a labour of love by Fallen Flag Studios and due to be onf the best indie games 2019. A new Italian indie game developer that have bright future. I personally know the guys at Fallen Flag Studios and it has been absolutely amazing to these guys grow from a young duo fresh out of uni grow into a studio living the dream of showcasing at E3 2019. Eldest Souls is going to be a truly gorgeous and challenging indie gaming experience and I know is just the start of an amazing career for these guys.
Cris Tales is a Columbian-inspired time travelling love letter indie game to classics rpgs like chrono trigger. You’ve got admiration and inspiration from a classic retro game mixed with a new and unique twist from the individual personality of the indie game devlopers. Cris Tales looks like a gorgeous modern representation of that classic JRPG style of game!
Devolver Digital are one of the great publishers in the indie gaming world and their new E£ 2019 games did not dissapoint. For a full roundup of the Devolver Digital E3 indie games 2019 you can go check out Overthink Gamings video. Some of the top indie games from the showcase were:
Enter The Gungeon: House of the Gundead two player light gun arcade. Light gun machine are one of the most fun experiences in any arcade and to see one created by an indie games developer is just amazing! House of the gundead is a pixel heavy lightgun dungeon crawling blaststfest in the world of the classic indie game enter the gungeon! And the cabinet itself looks absolutely glorious!
Devolver Digital never taking things too seriously are taking it to the next level of thinking outside the box with Devolver Bootleg. A hilarious reaction to the prevailent copying of top indie gamesvPC. In the release we get the following bootleg beauties.
Enter the Gungeon (Enter the Gun Dungeon)
Hotline Miami (Hotline Milwaukee)
Ape Out (Ape Out Jr.)
Downwell (Shootyboots)
Luftrausers (Luftrausers 3)
Absolver (Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship)
Gato Roboto (Catsylvania)
Pikunuku (Pikunuku Ball-Stars)
What’s even funnier is the Steam listing which is currently having a huge sale of 1% off! With the description Devolver Bootleg contains eight original rip-offs of Devolver Digital indie games. Pay money for it now.
Genesis Noir now this description is what I love about indie games. A noir adventure set before, during and after the Big Bang. Explore black holes, primordial Earth, and jazz cafes. Witness the birth and history of mankind. To save your love, you must stop the expansion of the universe. I don’t really know what else to say about this indie game and to be honest I think I’ll leave it at that… a top indie game like this is best just experienced

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