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Baby pigs are cute and funny. Baby pigs are awesome. Do you love pigs? Baby Pigs are simply the funny and cute animals! This is why we love pigs? Who doesn't like pigs? pigs and piggy make us laugh, smile and happy! Just look how they play, sleep, make funny sounds, fail, get scared, play with other animals. So ridiculous, funny and cute!

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Pigs are mammals in the genus Sus. They include the domestic pig and its ancestor, the common Eurasian wild boar (Sus scrofa), and other species. Pigs are in the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates.

Related, but outside the genus, are the babirusa and the warthog. Pigs, like all suids, are native to the Old World. Baby pigs are called piglets. Pigs are omnivores and are very social and intelligent animals.

The flesh of domestic pigs is eaten as food and is called pork. The Jewish and Muslim religions, and some Christian denominations, believe eating pork is wrong. Pig farmers take care that the animals do not get diseases or parasites which might harm humans.

A pet domestic pig laying down on a rug
Domestic pigs come in different colours, shapes and sizes. They are usually pink, but little pigs kept as pets (bellied pigs) are sometimes other colours. Pigs roll in mud to protect themselves from sunlight. Many people think that pigs are dirty and smell. In fact, they roll around in the mud to keep bugs and ticks away from their skin. This also helps to keep their skin moist and lower their body temperature on hot days. They are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and animals.

Pigs are intelligent animals. They are even able to learn how to play video games. Pigs are commonly used as working animals. They are used to hunt for truffles, pull carts and sniff out landmines. Pig races exist.
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