25 Most Searched Animals on Google

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25 Most Searched Animals on Google
From dogs and cats and rabbits … to apes, spiders and dolphins … Here are 25 of the most searched animals on Google

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#9 Eagles
Their popularity might have increased since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl … but these birds have been the subject of countless online searches well before that. The majestic birds of prey have served as symbols of power and authority as far back as 540 BC. It was later adopted as a standard by Ancient Rome … and today the eagle serves as an emblem for many nations, including the United States.

#8 Fish
These critters rate highly on the list because people want to catch fish, cook them, of keep them as pets. Tuna, salmon and catfish are often searched for in regard to catching and cooking. Not surprisingly, goldfish rate near the top when it comes to searching for pet fish … likewise, swordtails and the Black Molly.

#7 Snakes
For as many people are terrified of the scaly reptiles, there are just as many people who seem to be fascinated by them. Cobras, rattlesnakes and pythons are among the species that show up most often on searches. Many people are trying to see if snakes will be present along their hiking routes, or are otherwise found in the area. There’s only one continent on which living snakes are not found -- Antarctica, which tends to be exempt from many species on our list.

#6 Chickens
To be fair, most searches about these birds involves how to cook them for a meal. In fact, billions of chickens worldwide are raised annually for their eggs and meat. So many chickens are raised for this purpose that they have become one of the most numerous species of birds on the planet. We found estimates ranging from 20 to 50 billion of the cluckers that exist worldwide

#5 Horses
Domestication of these animals is said to have become commonplace by 3000 BC. Throughout most of recorded history, horses have been used in warfare … and are still used today for reconnaissance where motorized vehicles cannot negotiate rough terrain. They’ve also been used for various labor, entertainment and therapeutic purposes. Hard to believe that over the course of some 50 million years they were small creatures with multiple toes.

#4 Birds
Not surprising to see these creatures fly in at number 4. There are some 10,000 species of birds, around the world … that includes penguins, parrots, hummingbirds and pigeons. They’re among the most common of animals to be found on Earth -- or flying above it. Did you know that modern research indicates that birds are descended from two-legged dinosaurs called theropods (like T-rex) … and in fact are technically considered reptiles!

#3 Rabbits
Once raised mainly for their meat, they are now a popular choice for pets. Contrary to some belief, these animals are not rodents … well, not exactly. The two species were originally grouped together, then separated due to scientific consensus. But later DNA research revealed that rabbits and rodents actually share a common ancestor, meaning they share a common lineage. Now they are referred to as members of the same superfamily. So maybe they are rodents after all … what do you think?

#2 Cats
The felines can be moody and finicky, but they’ve kept us company for ages … experts say our relationship with the furry felids stretches beyond the time of Ancient Egypt to nearly 10,000 years ago. Today, there’s around half a billion of these critters found worldwide, and their population keeps growing. We found that the breeds most heavily searched included the Abyssinian, the hairless Sphynx, the energetic Siamese, the large Maine Coon, and the Persian.

#1 Dogs
Maybe not the biggest surprise that our canine companions turned out to be the top dogs of this list. Nearly half of the households in the US have a pet dog … and the bond between humans and canines goes back tens of thousands of years. Some of the breeds most heavily searched on Google include the border collie, the beagle, poodles, the Australian shepherd, and the golden retriever. Did you know one of the most Googled subjects involving dogs regards whether or not Goofy (t

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