11 Tricks And Crime Riddles For Fresh Thinkers Only

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Here is a portion of 11 tricks and crime riddles for fresh thinkers only! A bunch of crime and logic riddles will boost your critical thinking and wake up your brain. Solving tricky riddles for 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details! So be sure to check these brain games out and share your answers in the comments:

00:14 - A mind-blowing riddle to tease your brain! He loved her but killed her 😱 What happened to her? Try to come up with the answer before the time is up!
01:18 - This tricky crime riddle will not only tease your brain and make you turn on all your imagination, but also teach you an essential survival hack most of us never even think of. How can you inform your friend about a difficult situation you trapped without arousing any suspicion? Of course, this is a riddle with an answer, but before it's revealed, try to rack your brain and figure it out by yourself😉
02:48 - Being a customs official, you have to be double-observant and mega-smart to crack the tricks smugglers come up with! Will you be able to identify smuggles among these travelers? If you do this, you can consider you've passed the test and a promotion is in your pocket😉So, how quickly will you solve this crime riddle?
04:26 - A tricky 'commercial' riddle you should definitely take into account (just because such things still happen nowadays)😉First of all, you need to decide what side you're on to make a just solution. I definitely vote for the one who bought the well 🤓
05:46 - A cool tricky riddle to blow your mind and boost your logical thinking! Take your time to think about the answer and don't be shy to pause the video if you need more time.
06:55 - This striking riddle will show if you think like a normal person or like a psychopath😱 If you fail to give the answer then you're probably can be called 'normal'. But if you crack it like a nut, well..I have some bad news for you. No, actually, I mean you must take this riddle too serious!
08:10 - This mystery riddle will test how well you can process the information. This easy riddle can be only cracked if your mind is turned on! The crime riddle offers all the details and evidence, but so many people fail to solve this mystery riddle. Will you?
09:36 - Sadly, but sometimes our closest people turn out to be our worst enemies and the truth comes out when it's too late. It's your first case and you have to reveal the truth and prove that the husband is guilty. The culprit must be punished, but at the same time, we can't blame an innocent person. So, it's a big chance for you to prove yourself, don't fail! A riddle with an answer for professionals!
11:09 - A blood-freezing riddle that hardly made me feel disappointed in mankind😱 It will turn your mind upside down! The criminal's alibi seems perfect and every precaution was taken beforehand, so how could they reveal the malicious husband if he had covered up the crime? It's a hard riddle with an answer that will tease your brain and make your mind as sharp as a blade. If you can cope with it without any additional hints, you must be a logical genius!
12:35 - Short riddle to test your logic! So the husband is a mysterious man, but also a smart one. Are you smarter than him? What evidence (a huge one) did she leave behind? This brain teaser with an answer that makes most people say "WOW! Would never guess! But also... the guy is creepy"! 🙃
13:40 - So he took her out for dinner, but then something terrible happened! Put on your glasses and investigate the case! Check the crime scene, follow every clue and crack this puzzle wide open!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which puzzle game was the hardest to solve!

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